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Featured: Cookies

Cookies is a band from New York City specializing in popular music. Ben Sterling formed the band shortly after the dissolution of his former group last year, enlisting Melissa Metrick (vocals/bass/keyboards) and Ian Ainley (drums) to help craft a unique and compelling sound …read more.

Featured: Dean & Britta

Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips started creating and performing music together in the NYC band Luna (1992-2005), which Britta joined in 2000. Prior to Luna, Dean fronted Galaxie 500, the highly influential three piece “dream pop” band …read more.

Featured: Christopher Owens (Girls)

Christopher Owens, half of the critically acclaimed San Francisco-based band Girls, is a remarkably gifted songwriter. Christopher took the time to answer a few questions and make an awesome list of some amazing and confounding things on his current to-do list …read more.